Be Prepared

"...the laboratory must have a system for verifying the accuracy
and reliability of its test results at least twice a year..."
Federal Register Part II. 1992; (Friday February 28) 57: No. 40 [42 CFA 405 et al.]

How does your lab perform quality control? If you wonder how your laboratory's semen analysis compares to your peers, or are concerned about meeting government laboratory requirements for semen analysis proficiency testing, Fertility Solutions offers a set of proficiency challenges for external quality control to help you meet industry regulations and your own personal standards.

"We haven't been inspected yet"

Working without proper QC is like using a microscope with a blindfold. Not only does it violate government policies, but it can lead inconsistent test results, drifting standards and repeated labor. Don't just hope for the best! We have the only proficiency test manufactured and analyzed in-house by semen analysis experts. Our unique proficiency challenges have been tested by many laboratories that perform different types of sperm analysis:

  • Challenges are offered twice a year, in March and September
  • Both challenge events include two levels of proficiency materials
  • Results of up to 5 participants for each challenge will be accepted for analysis
  • Cut-off date for entry into the challenge is one month prior to challenge date
  • Each participating laboratory receives a peer group analysis report and certificate documenting performance. The report includes the measured ranges in addition to the peer ranges.
  • Laboratories with out-of range answers receive extensive corrective action assistance from our Sperm Wizard!
  • No enrollment fee required

Sperm Count
Sperm Morphology
Sperm Viability
Antisperm Antibodies
Sperm Motility

Don't hope for the best. Count on it.

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