Semen analysis made simple

For years, the Semen Analysis Experts at Fertility Solutions have relied on the Sperm Wizard® Spermocytometer® for accurate, efficient and cost-effective testing. The single-use design prevents errors that occur with improperly cleaned reusable chambers. No dilution is required for most concentrations. Save laboratory labor on analysis, cleaning and inspection. Labor is the most expensive laboratory resource: don't waste it!

Be Precise

The Sperm Wizard Spermocytometer is engineered specifically for semen analysis. Premium float glass construction prevents the formation of air bubbles and the adhesion of cells to the chamber surface, while the chamber depth keeps all the sperm cells in view. Hemacytometers are too deep (100 µm) to view the moving and non-moving sperm in a single plane of focus, in addition to adding time and extraneous effort to each analysis.

Product Details

Specifications Chamber Depth: ≈20 µm
Chamber Volume: ≈6 µl
Dimensions: 75 x 75 x 1mm
Material Premium Coated Glass
Contents 25 slides per box
  • 10x10 grid reticle, appropriate for the diameter of the scope‚Äôs eyepiece
  • Stage Micrometer with 100 10µm divisions
Collateral Instructions
Reticle Calibration and Scaling Factor Calculation
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