Dead Sperm Don't Swim

If a sperm isn't moving, is it dead or does it have a motility defect?

Many accreditation agencies require a viability test to differentiate live and dead sperm in cases of low motility (less than 25-30%). Typically, most of the non-moving sperm are dead. But in some cases, for example Kartagener's syndrome, an ultrastructural defect of the axoneme makes the sperm unable to swim but does not impair viability. The difference can have a significant effect on diagnosis and treatment.

Viability Stained Smear
Red = Dead
White = Live

Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

The easiest viability method uses staining based on cell membrane exclusion. Our stain kit contains eosin Y as the primary exclusion stain coupled with nigrosin counterstain. The extra nigrosin step takes only a few seconds and makes the sperm much easier to detect. Each of the stains is packaged in a dropper bottle dispenser for easy application. Just add 2 drops of eosin Y and 3 drops of nigrosin to a sample, mix and smear. As soon as the smears dry, analyze 200 and the test is done. Live cells exclude the stain and appear white. Dead sperm are stained pink.

Product Details

Contents Eosin and Nigrosin stain in convienent dropper bottles
Shelf Life 12 months from date of manufacture. Store at room temperature.
Volume 10ml Eosin stain
15ml Nigrosin stain
Collateral Instructions

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