Lights, Camera, Motility

Sperm are the stars of this video for Sperm Motility QC. Motility cannot be reliably preserved in a stable semen formulation so this QC uses a virtual format to simulate the actual test environment with video of two different semen samples. Each sample has multiple microscopy segments of motile and immobilized fields to simulate microscopic analysis using both static (recommended) and natation (swimming) methods. The video is also an excellent way to learn how to perform sperm motility in objective and reproducible ways.

Reference ranges for percent motile and percent progressively motile sperm are provided for each lot on Levy-Jennings charts, and a printable worksheet contains all of the calculation formulas. The control is quick and easy to use with a running time of approximately 5 minutes per sample.

Product Details

Contents 1 Video CD
Shelf Life Three Months
FDA Clearance Class II, for semen analysis quality control
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