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Sperm viability staining is a critical, simple test that most labs don't think about too much. As a consequence, QC is often ignored. Results are reported quantitatively as percent live sperm, making viability a CLIA high complexity test requiring 2 levels of quality control. Sperm viability staining is indicated when motility is low to determine whether the non-moving sperm have a motility defect or are dead.

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Our Sperm Viability QC smears are human sperm stained with eosin Y and nigrosin counterstain. Live cells exclude the stain and appear white against the dark black-purple of the nigrosin. Dead sperm are stained pink. Analyze 200 cells from the high and low level slides and document results on the Levy-Jennings plots included with the product.

Product Details

Contents Two human semen smears stained with Eosin-Nigrosin stain
Shelf Life 6 months from date of receipt
Smears should be stored in a dark, dry location at room temperature
FDA Clearance Class I, For In Vitro Diagnosis
Collateral Instructions

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